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Kayaking The Inland Sea

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tozoo.jpg (149271 bytes)The Inland Sea is a perfect paddling location for kayakers of all skill levels. Sechelt Inlet, Salmon Inlet and Narrows Inlet combine to form the Inland Sea on British Columbia's beautiful Sunshine Coast. You can paddle for a few hours or for a number of days.

The inlets are rugged in their beauty, yet offer easy access to provincial marine campsites set up with the sea kayaker in mind. There are numerous natural sites which are also perfect for kayak camping or picnicing.                                                                                                                                         provincial marine park



Porpoise Bay Charters/Kayak Rentals is located at the corner of Wharf St and Anchor Rd, next to the Government Dock and the Lighthouse Pub. Kayaks can be launched directly from our beach or transported to a location of your choice. You can leave your vehicle(s) on our property or next door in the parking lot. Location

Porpoise Bay Charters has operated dive boats year-round in the inlets since 1991. This enables us to offer full boat support to sea kayakers. We can also provide boat shuttle service (prearranged) to or from anywhere in the inlet as well as a safety pickup in the event of inclement weather.     


Paddling the Inland Sea ~ Things to See

Whether you go paddling for a few hours or for a week, there is ALWAYS lots to see.


Wildlife:      Bald eagles, blue herons, cormorants, turkey vultures, seals, sea lions, otters, bears, deer, mountain goats and, very occasionally, Dahl porpoises

Sights:      Spectacular vistas, rugged coastline with sandy beaches, islets, mountains, water falls, oyster farms, fish farms, First Nations pictographs

Waterline:   Starfish, bull kelp forests, oysters, clams, mussels, crabs, tide pools


Things to Bring

Whether you are paddling for a few hours or a number of days, always bring (at minimum) the following:

drinking water, water filter

sunscreen, sunglasses, hat

clothing for weather changes

shoes that can get wet


first aid kit

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