HMCS Chaudiere
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On December 5, 1992:


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The 366' ship settled on her port side (~90o).  The deck at the stern is 50-60' deep, at the superstructure is about 80' and at the bow is 90-100'.  The bottom at the stern is about 80', at midship is about 110', beneath the guns is about 140' and the bow hangs over a ledge.  Large, yellow cautionary buoys (X) are attached to the ship at the stern, mid-ship and bow.  Orange and white mooring cans (X) are attached to the ship just forward of the superstructure and mid-mortar bay.

chaud Les2.jpg (43450 bytes)                                      plum.jpg (146599 bytes)

Plumous anemones on spar on superstructure              Large plumose anemones on hull near propellar shafts

chaud.jpg (52965 bytes)                chaudunder.jpg (17287 bytes)       Chaudiere JDR.jpg (199226 bytes)

Glassy tunicates on deck               Divers on the superstructure

hang.jpg (10514 bytes)                         diver.jpg (31068 bytes)  

Look up...way up, to surface              Diver at the railing

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