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Since 1991, Porpoise Bay Dive Charters has been exploring the waters of the Sunshine Coast. We know the best dives. From novice outings in the calm waters right off our beach to the challenging Skookumchuck Rapids, the wreck of the HMCS Chaudiere and the stunning walls of Agammemnon Channel, we can customize a trip to include all your favourite dives.  We offer day trips, mini-weekend, full weekend and mid-week packages (minimum numbers apply).  Kal will tailor the dive itinerary to your group's experience, comfort and interest levels.  Divers must be Open Water certified (or be with an Open Water class) and be able to show their C-card.  Day trips include tanks, weight belt and lunch.  Overnight and longer packages usually include meals.

The Dive Boats

Porpoise Bay Dive Charters goes to a variety of boat dive sites in Sechelt Inlet, Tzoonie Narrows, Egmont area (including Skookumchuck Narrows), Jervis Inlet and Agamennon Channel.  

To cover the diversity of and distance to the dives, Porpoise Bay Dive Charters offer a range of quality boats:


The Dives                                                

Shore Diving You can shore dive directly from our beach and many other accessible local sites.

bigfish.jpg (20843 bytes)Drift Dives - Drift with the ocean flow and take in the beauty of the marine life that makes its home in our waters. Colourful baby crabs, sponges, nudibranchs, wolf eels, cabezons and octopi provide a visual feast. The gentle currents of Tzoonie Narrows offer plenty of time to get that perfect photography shot.


nudibranchs.jpg (12255 bytes)Current Dives - "Observation Wall" and the "Glory Hole" , challenging dives in the Skookumchuck Rapids,  are a couple of the current dives available to the experienced diver. For a few days of the year the turbulent tides of the Skookumchuck allow for diving there. The Glory Hole, the underwater canyon, is home to the roughest and toughest survivors of the rapid waters. The colours at Observation Wall and Glory Hole are a symphony of neon green and red anemones, yellow sponges and deep purple stars. Adding the multitude of different plant and animal textures makes this dive rich in visual delights while demanding exacting diving techniques.


feather.jpg (46555 bytes) Wall Dives - Kal can take you on a variety of exciting wall dives that include step and shear walls. Two of the more popular wall dives are the Agamemnon Channel Power Lines, which is famous for its sponge and fan coral, and Stag Wall in the Sechelt Inlet .



Wreck Dives - In 1992 the HMCS Chaudiere was the first destroyer -escort to be sunk to form anchaudunder.jpg (17287 bytes) artificial reef. Since then "The Chaud" , as she is affectionately known, has become home to a diverse community of marine creatures. Having deservedly gained a reputation as one of the best wreck dives on the Pacific Coast, "The Chaud" gets more amazing with each year.  Porpoise Bay Charters is the Official Charter and Caretaker of the HMCS Chaudiere, having been involved from the initial planning, cleanup and sinking to the ongoing maintenance of the ship and site.

For more pictures of the HMCS Chaudiere (above and below the water) and other fabulous underwater shots of our corner of the Emerald Sea, please go to our PHOTO ALBUM



RATES: Rates for diving charters vary depending on # dives, which dive locations, # of people, daytrips or packages etc., so please contact us for prices.

DIVING IN PUGET SOUND:   If you are interested in boat diving in the Puget Sound area, we recommend our friends at Bandito Charters. Their dive boats run out of Tacoma & San Juan Islands, Washington, USA.   Please check out their website is at


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